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Ercole port, according to center of the Argentario Mount, is situated in the southern part of the cape. It is made Etruscan and roman of the ancient Portus Herculis they are at the present moment of all escaping while a reconstruction of the relative history to the cape of the Argentario turns out to be reliable to leave at first from the century a.C. Appartenne to the family of the Domizi Enobarbi, passed to Domiziano emperor then and was donated to Vibia Matidia from Traiano in II the century d.C. In the 312 d.C. Costantino emperor subsequently donated it to the Basilica of the SS. Peter and Marcellino and after the fall of the Roman Empire of the West divenne dominion before the bizantini and of the longobardi. In the Middle Ages Ercole Port it was object of the disputes between the abbey of the Three Fontanas and the family of the Aldobrandeschi. In XIV the century he passed to the Orsini accounts, from 1410 to the 1414 divenne dominion of the king of Naples Ladislao and as a result of the dead women of this last one fell under the senese domination. In the 1555 Ercole Port it was theatre of the deprived of hope resistance of the French (allies to you of Siena) from the attack of the Spanish and after along I besiege, lead from earth from the marquis of Marignano and from the sea from the admiral Andrea Doria, in the june month Ercole Port he fell and with the treaty of Brussels he went to form, together to Saint Port Stefano, Orbetello, Ansedonia, Talamone and Porto Longone the state of the Garrisons governed from the vicerè of Naples. In this period they were builds up strong the Filippo to you, Star, S. Caterina and the Rocca. In the 1707 Austrians they conquered the Reign of Naples and after along I besiege, 22 March 1712, Ercole Port was forced to the yield. In 1802 with the napoleoniche conquests, the State of the Garrisons stopped to exist and its territories were are become lean from the Reign of Etruria. In the 1815 Ercole Port it was annexed to the Granducato of Tuscany and finally in 1860 it was joined to the Reign of Italy. The main works to visit to Ercole Port are without doubt the going back fortifications to the age of the State of the Garrisons. Strongly Filippo is one formidable fortification realized with the most been left over technical of the military architecture of the age. It was intentional from Filippo II and of it it executed the jobs Giovanni Small rooms. Embedded in a ditch dug in the cliff, it introduces four bastions and an only access through a bridge elevatoio, in the basements found the polveriera, I placed and the warehouses to you; the battery of Caterina Saint situated more low on the hill of it completed the effectiveness of the artillery. The Rocca is not fruit of an only progettuale and constructive phase, but it has endured remarkable changes in the course of the time; as it is currently was designed from Giovanni Small rooms. To the inside it is introduced on drums like a military citadel subdivided in public squares and courtyards united for means of a gallery of Barbara Saint who completed the fire potentialities of the complex. Strongly Star dominates an immense area mails to the shoulders of the port and takes the name from its geometric shape, to star exactly, with a hexagonal courtyard place to the center. It introduces numerous embrasures for the artillery is towards the campaign that towards the sea. Also the access of this fort is fortified of bridge elevatoio. Other important construction is the Palace of the Governor situated on the piazzetta of Barbara Saint. Built up in 1508 under the Lordship of Siena, it was reconstructed from the Spanish after the bag of pirati saraceni of Khair to said Din the Barbarossa, in order to then become the residence of the governor of the garrison.

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