natural park in Argentario

Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri
The Garden of Daniel Spoerri

HIC TERMINUS HAERET - The Garden of Daniel Spoerri In the early 90s, the Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri has begun to install a sculpture park in souther

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Il centro Carapax
The center Carapax

The Carapax centre consists of a European association for the protection of all species of turtles. The centre in Tuscany is located in Massa Marittim

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Il lago di Burano

The lake of Burano is found on the Tuscany coast to south of the Argentario, the lago has an amplitude of approximately 400 hectares and is constitute

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Il bosco della Patanella
The forest of the Patanella

The forest of the Patanella is situated within natural it reservoir of the Lagoon of Orbetello. The reservoir instituted in the 1998 from the Italian

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Parco dell'Uccellina
Park of the Uccellina

The park of the Uccellina is situated between the city of Principina to Sea and Talamone, has an extension of 10.000 hectares, in which the varied ter

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Parco delle Cornate
Park of the Cornate

Instituted in 1996 it has like scope to maintain unchanged one zone like that one of the Cornate. Surface of beyond 1000 hectares between boscate, agr

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