middle ages in Argentario

Il centro di Fonteblanda
The center of Fonteblanda

Many have been the hypotheses of the origins of the name, some kept at the start called Crassetum, other Rosetum anchor, but on some papal bubbles of

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Albinia durante il medioevo
Albinia during the Middle Ages

Albinia is a center of recent constitution situated on the way Aurelia, in the pressed ones of the foce of the Albegna river. From the immense ones pi

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Il borgo di Capalbio
The Village of Capalbio

Situated on a high hill 209 meters it is cited for before the time in the Leonino-Carolingia Bubble in the 805, with which Carl Magno donated it to th

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Il Monte Argentario nel Medioevo
The Argentario Mount in the Middle Ages

The Cape of the Argentario in was passed a island and derived from the so-called Tirrenide, an only earth block, in great sinked part, that it compris

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Porto Ercole nel medioevo
Ercole port in the Middle Ages

Ercole port, according to center of the Argentario Mount, is situated in the southern part of the cape. It is made Etruscan and roman of the ancient P

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Talamone e il suo centro storico
Talamone and its historical center

Draft of a small country placed on a cape to peak on the sea, in the part north of the common one of Orbetello, near Fonteblanda; he is easy raggiungi

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Il borgo di Orbetello
The village of Orbetello

The origins of Orbetello are ancient: some reperti bony and silicei testify the presence of the neolithic man, while of the cinerarie urns that protov

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